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Science and Design Careers

Blend your research and design skills to create interactive and appealing digital content.

Pathways in Science and Design

Blend your research and artistic skills to design engaging and user-friendly digital content. The following video highlights the career paths for entry level professionals who pursue tertiary education in this area:

The following video allows you to meet various user experience designers at Google and gain an insight into how they use their creative skills.

The Australian Digital Capability Framework
Australian Digital Career Framework
Focus Area 1
Focus Area 2
Focus Area 3
Focus Area 4
Focus Area 5

Using common, easily understood language, and a simple, intuitive structure, the framework aligns and strengthens efforts to build the digital capability of the nation's workforce

All STEM Careers require Focus Area 1 of the Australian Digital Capability Framework.  In addition, Focus Area 3 builds skills in Digital Content Creation

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