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Engineering Products

Design and Develop Software and Hardware Products

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Pathways for Product Engineering Jobs

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Use your coding and engineering skills to create software and hardware products.  Typical Product Development roles include the design and manufacturing of hardware devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, robots, drones and other automated products.   Product Development also includes creation of the software that runs on these devices including operating systems, licensed software and applications.   

The following video highlights the skills and attributes valued in a Product Manager at Atlassian.  

The most effective way to move from study to work is to complete an internship in your chosen field of study.   Increasing many universities and employers are requiring an internship before graduation and employment.   The ACS Foundation provides 400 technology internships to Australian university students each year.  To apply visit, 

The Australian Digital Capability Framework
Australian Digital Career Framework
Focus Area 1
Focus Area 2
Focus Area 3
Focus Area 4
Focus Area 5

Using common, easily understood language, and a simple, intuitive structure, the framework aligns and strengthens efforts to build the digital capability of the nation's workforce

All STEM Careers require Focus Area 1 of the Australian Digital Capability Framework.  In addition, Focus Area 3 builds skills in Collaboration.

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