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Math and Data Careers

Analyse and Interpret Data to Create Business Solutions

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Pathways in Math and Consulting Jobs

Analytical and Consulting jobs use your IT and business knowledge to market solutions to clients and industry. .  They involved an understanding of how technology is being applied in specific industries and fields.  Added to this, this profession requires strong communication and sales skills to align technical specifications with clients business needs.  The types of roles in this area are Project Management, Consulting, Social Media, Analytics and more.

The following video explains what an IT Consultant does. 

The Australian Digital Capability Framework
Australian Digital Career Framework
Focus Area 1
Focus Area 2
Focus Area 3
Focus Area 4
Focus Area 5

Using common, easily understood language, and a simple, intuitive structure, the framework aligns and strengthens efforts to build the digital capability of the nation's workforce

All STEM Careers require Focus Area 1 of the Australian Digital Capability Framework.  In addition, Focus Area 3 builds skills in Technical Problem Solving

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