A project is a temporary process or endeavour which has a clearly defined start and end, a set of activities and tasks, a budget and a specified business case.

Project Manager


Undergraduate Degree:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science

  • Bachelor of Information Technology


Skills: Change and risk management, Scheduling and time management, cost control and quality management.

Salary: 60k - 150k

A project is undertaken to deliver a unique and well-defined product, service, goal or objective or to deliver well defined benefits. ICT projects undertaken within the Queensland Government align with best practice methodologies.

A project manager is responsible for ensuring the project is completed on time, on budget, within scope, to the business requirements and meeting quality standards. A project manager must ensure success of the project by managing risks and minimising their impact throughout the life of the project.

The project manager is responsible for the creation of project documents and reports that are used to determine the progress and success of the project. These documents ensure there are detailed implementation plans for the project, that relevant approvals have been gained, that each phase of the project is completed and that agreed milestones have been met before moving to the next phase.*

*The above description was provided courtesy of the Queensland government, Chief Information Office


Use your artistic skills to design engaging and user friendly digital content and apps


Use your coding and engineering skills to create software and hardware products

Sales / Marketing

Use your IT and business knowledge to market solutions to clients and industry. 


Use your deep technical skills to securely manage and interpret clients data.