Sales / Marketing

Games Developer

Software developers and engineers may be involved in all aspects of game’s creation from concept, story writing, coding and programming, production, audio, design and visual arts.



  • Diploma in Games Design, Digital and Interactive Games

  • Certificate in programming languages such as C++, Java, Maya Scripting Language (MEL)


  • Bachelor of Computer Science

  • Bachelor of Science in Games Development

  • Bachelor of Game Design

  • Bachelor of Digital Media 


Skills: Programming, Digital Storytelling and Storyboard, 2D/3D modelling,

Salary: 85k - 120k

Use your artistic skills to design engaging and user friendly digital content and apps

Use your coding and engineering skills to create software and hardware products

Use your IT and business knowledge to market solutions to clients and industry. 

Use your deep technical skills to securely manage and interpret clients data.