Business Analyst

A person who analyses business organisations to create efficient technological solutions to problems within the business.

Undergraduate Degrees:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science

  • Bachelor of Business

Skills: Relevant industry knowledge, technical skills, analysis, communication

Salary: 57k - 130k

The focus of a business analyst is to review and analyse an organisation’s business, including its business intentions, business services, business processes and information needs.  This analysis may help the business implement changes that lead to business improvements.

A business analyst is regarded as a conduit between the business units, organisational stakeholders and solutions delivery teams. A business analyst will liaise with key stakeholders in an organisation to develop a solid understanding of how the business is currently operating and the future goals of the business. Once the business analyst has gained this understanding, they will then review and analyse the business in terms of its business services, business processes, organisational structure and other relevant information to assist the business in identifying the best way to effect business change for achieving its business goals.

These business changes may include extensive stakeholder engagement activities to improve existing organisational structure, existing business services and service delivery mechanisms, existing business processes and in some cases the introduction of automation using ICT solution*

*This description is provided courtesy of the Queensland Governments, Chief Information Office