Graduate Roles at Technology One

  • Olivia Ward - R&D Program Management Coordinator 

  • Michael Greer - Business Analyst

  • Luthfiya Osman - Business Analyst

  • Joshua Miles - Developer

  • Joel Addison - System Architect

Who does What in the Tech Industry?

  • Treehouse - Designer

  • Treehouse - Front End Developer

  • Treehouse - Back End Developer

The Importance of ICT to Australia

  • Inspiring our next Tech Superheroes

Graduate Roles in Large Organisations

  • IBM - Sonal Winch - Client Manager

  • Coca-Cola Amitil - Joanne Mo - IT Program Manager

  • Deloitte - Jordan Sim - IT Consultant

Entry Level

IT Jobs

Meet A Variety of

IT Employers




Body for ICT

 "The ICT Careers Wheel"  is a derivative of "ICT career streams" by QGCIO and is licensed under CCBY4.0   © 2021 by ACS Foundation.